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Brand Story

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Be it Friendship or Finance, handling Bonds with care & trust remains at the core of our ideology. This modest philosophy has inspired us to take the liberty of creation. Creation of a space which fosters bonding/friendship in all it’s glory. A space which enables patrons to build, connect and exchange in a non-traditional fashion & a informal set-up! Build memories, connect with their Dear ones or Peer ones and exchange ideas, thoughts, friendship. This was the beginning of M.I.T.R.O.N.

We take pleasure in presenting you a well-spaced, breathing room in the 21st-century urban chaos, as you relish and cherish a vibrant nightlife with high-quality experience including food, cocktails, music & entertainment. This price-friendly, all-day Café & Bar turns into a pub by the dusk, thereby catering to a broad spectrum of the audience including corporates, families, friends, colleagues, expats. The rustic & rouge interior with mostly wooden décor with a cozy set up is dimly lit to give the ambiance just the right amount of pep. The 4000 sq ft carpet- area is well spaced in both height & width. Stained colored glass windows ensure reflection of natural light with the right hue. A well-designed space to further strengthen the threads of ‘Community Bonding.’


Foster Bonds?

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We do so through our offerings and promotions – ‘Bigger the group, Bigger the discount’, a LIQUOR SHOP which sells a selection of bottles at ‘Super-Special’ offer prices. An exclusive display of Banta Soda and Banta Cocktails which also happens to be our signature and well-fusioned cocktail & paired with our food menu. We also serve seasonal specials and innovative promotional offers.


Keep Chilling

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Bottles at a special discounted price for our Mitron!
Allow us to take you through our exciting LIQUOR SHOP, wherein happiness comes at a lower price cap! Not only an exclusive selection of Bottles at discounted rates we do have combo offers and promotional sales at the shop. We facilitate the COMMUNITY BONDING via our Community Drinks and shared platters, thereby giving the foodies major #foodgoals. The unique pricing assures you make friends, set party trends as you restrict your spends.


That Sound's of a Food

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A generous street-treat and love for fusion are popular throughout the world. But nothing beats unity in diversity which is flawlessly demonstrated in the fusion food road map of India. With frivolous permutation-combination of ingredients, spices, flavors, interesting blends, and cooking techniques; MITRON has put together an inspiring menu which highlights the facets of Indian street grubs. A decisive addition, to ensure close proximity to your heart and mind. No matter what the time, year and season, MITRON will be the reason, you smile over food!



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While you require no real reason to pay your friend (us) a visit, there are many unconventional reasons, why visiting us could be fun or become addictive!!

To enjoy the friendly vibe at all times

To Refresh yourself with our Banta bottles

We sell happiness sealed in exclusive bottles, at discounted prices, all day, every day, Throughout the year!

Come with your large groups to avail for larger discounts.

Scrumptious Indian street-style food

More than anything to make memories with your Mitrons


Banta Hai

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BANTA SODA also known as “Goti-Soda” or sometimes “Goli-Soda” is a delicious flavored drink which has gained a popular underdog status as one of the most refreshing ‘year-round’ beverages you can have in India.

What makes it so iconic?

A genius invention is known as the CODD BOTTLE. This special drink is now available at MITRON in many combinations, making this a trailer to the blockbuster of freshness. Here are a few reasons why we think, BANTA TOH BANTA HAI.

It might be the only drink that has been able to defy inflation since we gained Independence

Then there’s the moral struggle you go through when You have to decide whether to smash the bottle or to grab the marble and run away

Then you get to hear that sound of victory–The whoosh!! of the CO2 escaping when the ‘kancha’ goes down

A cool bottle of Banta on a hot day is like, well, heaven

Push the marble down to open it! IT’S FUN FIZZ