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We rarely have time to meet with family or friends because of our busy schedules. However, there aren’t any actual reasons stopping us from having a quick meeting with them, so here’s Mitron and their new branch in Navi Mumbai.

M.I.T.R.O.N is here to bring to you a perfect spot of friendship, fun, and frolic with its wide array of mixology and culinary offerings.

The brand, which debuted in 2018, is quickly growing and has gained popularity. It recently opened its sixth location in Navi Mumbai.

Situated in a prime location, the new Mitron Cafe outlet will span an expansive area of 6000 square feet, providing ample space for guests to relax and enjoy their dining experience. Be it friendship or finance, handling bonds with care and trust remains at the core of their ideology and this inspired Mitron to take the liberty of creating a space that fosters bonding and friendship in all its glory. The cafe aims to create a welcoming atmosphere for food enthusiasts, offering a blend of indoor and outdoor seating arrangements.

One of the key highlights of Mitron Cafe is its commitment to serving an array of flavors from around the world. As a multicuisine restaurant, the menu features a diverse range of culinary delights- Truffle Fetuchini, Mitron Turnover, Mongolian Hot Pot Lamb, veg and non Veg platter, and many more, satisfying the cravings of guests with varied tastes and preferences. An interactive live station of your favourite Sushi, Dimsums and Pizzas, where you can choose your favourite add-on or how would you like it steamed, fried, or hand toasted to heighten the adventure of your gastronomic journey. From delectable Indian delicacies to savory Chinese dishes and more, Mitron Cafe promises an unforgettable gastronomic journey for its patrons.